General Information About Online Sportsbookmakers

Fortunately nowadays it is possible to meet hundreds of possibilities and game sites on the web, but it is necessary to observe if the betting house is part of the group of legalized companies. Online betting houses in India were selected to offer the best experience in sports betting. The game regulation and inspection service, an organ that supervises companies, indicates the best Indian sports companies that are legal.

888 Casino40 € 100%
Gibraltar / Gambling Commission Game License Casino50 € 50%
Betano50 € 50%
Malta Gaming Authority
Betclic100 € 100%
Malta Gaming Authority
Casinoportugal.pt100 €
Estoril Casino30 € Free bet
Our Bet100 € 50%
Solverde Casinos20 €

Among the inspected online bookmakers we have:

  • Betano
  • Betway
  • Casino India
  • ESC On-line
  • Luckia
  • Our Bet
  • Placard

Some companies work exclusively with sports betting, while others offer casino matches. By accessing these sites you will be able to choose the sport mode you want, with the largest tournaments and championships in the world. This is a growing market and that the customer should seek legal sites with good odds and the best resources.

Another important factor for the emergence of large companies specializing in sports is mobile access to matches. There is nothing more comfortable than watching a competition and being able to place a bet at any time. So see the options and choose the one that suits you.

Betting houses in India: What types of bets are on the market?

More and more technological innovations are helping players and staying connected and this allows providers to search for news to keep customers happy. When accessing the bookmakers that are legal, you will find great markets and many sports. In addition, the casino games will be there to further increase the excitement in the games.

Market Bet Types

  • 1 x 2: this is the simplest option in online sports bookmakers. Bet on your team's victory, draw or defeat.
  • Victory or tie: Bet on your team and if it wins or tie you take the money. Although you have smaller odds, this does not mean it can not be interesting.
  • Draw Cancels the Bet: You must already know what this bet is about. If your team wins, you win and if you draw, you lose nothing.
  • Under / Over: find a good match and bet under if you believe that the number of goals is less or over, if that number is higher.
  • Both to Score: in this option you must choose between “yes” and “no”. Many customers prefer this type of bet for the simplicity and ease of receiving good payments.

You will find these modalities in sports betting houses. For casino customers there are several slot machines, games of baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette and many variations of each game. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the fun that these pages bring.

Legal betting houses in India: Which online betting houses are licensed by Srij?

In 2015, there was an important change in the process of legalizing websites in India. For this mission, a government agency is responsible for certifying which legal bookmakers in India can operate freely in the country. Thanks to inspection and the need to comply with strict rules, some establishments are able and licensed to establish themselves in the country.

Only in 2016 did one of the houses that claimed the regulation won the first license granted by SRIJ: Betclic. After that, several other companies started to win licenses and you can place your bets on any of the following options:

  • Betclic: the first to be licensed in the country and, in addition to sports matches, it is possible to access casino games. Thus, customers can count on a good diversity in one place.
  • with the second license, has a high profile in the country and a loyal audience that approves the services of this company.
  • Casino Estoril: the traditional physical bookmaker also has space among the safe options for customers of casino games in India.
  • Pokerstars: the big poker company is already known worldwide and is very safe for customers.
  • Casino India: with great resources and good proposals, Casino India is gaining more and more space in this competitive market.
  • Casino Solverde: another physical casino that transforms to attract more customers. This traditional website has incredible promotions and casino bets.
  • Nossa Aposta: Nossa Aposta's website has a simple design and intuitive navigation will not let you get lost. Find good bets on casino games on this page.
  • Placard: specialized in sports betting, the company has an incredible design with excellent markets and above-average odds.
  • Luckia: in addition to an excellent welcome bonus, Luckia has a very good live betting section. Enjoy all the benefits that the company offers.
  • 888 Casino: the world-famous brand also has space between sites approved by SRIJ. With a variety of games and an above average security system, 888 is one of the best companies in the business.
  • Betano: with excellent sports betting games and many slots, Betano has won the confidence of the Indian public. See the page to check out the incredible bonuses.
  • Moosh: the company recently won the endorsement of SRIJ and competes with other major companies to gain prominence in this competitive sports betting market.
  • Betway: in addition to the excellent entry bonus, Betway brings news for mobile customers and breathtaking live betting. Discover and prove the versatility of this site.

Online Bookmakers: Where are the Best Bonuses?

Anyway, legal bookmakers also bring exclusive prizes. It is important to note that promotions happen throughout the year and change. All information about the deadlines must be highlighted on the betting page. Companies often offer great welcome bonuses and this is a way to increase the balance of customers.

Customers will be able to take advantage of the following opportunities on secure and regulated pages by the SRIJ:

  • Luckia: the page always appears with a good promotion, especially welcome bonuses. New customers receive € 1200 free to place bets on casino games and enjoy all the benefits of betting.
  • Casino India: With € 10 free and no deposit customers can test the best games if worries with payments.
  • Estoril: customers who prefer traditional houses can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to € 250. Just register and follow a deposit and the extra money will fall into your account.
  • Pokerstars: the company is always offering news to please its customers. The news appears in the specific area of promotions and at that moment the company offers $ 30 free to new customers.

Legal Betting Houses India: The Most Reliable

Legal online bookmakers in India can be accessed without worries. To do this, the client must recognize who these companies are and how this can interfere with the results of their bets. Illegal sites are extremely dangerous and can even threaten the confidentiality of your data.

When we access a website that offers danger, we are allowing third parties to obtain your personal and bank details. Given this, many complaints on the web report difficulties when trying to redeem the balance of bets. Undoubtedly, registering on unlicensed sites is a fairly common mistake even though it looks like a primary one.

The Games Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) aims to inspect these companies and inhibit companies that offer risks. When accessing licensed sites, you are guaranteed to receive your money when you request it. In addition, all the information provided is encrypted and, consequently, your data will be safe. Bet on licensed pages for fair bets always.

How to Choose the Best Online Betting House

The main way to find the best bookmakers online is by collecting information. The more you know about casinos, the easier it will be to identify companies that could put your data and money at risk. When carefully analyzing each establishment, we note some important information:

  • Official company registration
  • Security mechanisms
  • Means of payment and withdrawal
  • Bonuses and special offers
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Customer service
  • Available games
  • Responsible gaming
  • Markets and odds
  • Ease of page navigation

With these data in hand and after proving every detail, we can finally offer all the necessary information so that the public can make their own decisions. Bets gain a much better pace and people will be able to enjoy the moments carefree.

Undoubtedly, knowing all the resources of a company, the pros and cons, each player will be more aware of the risks. When entering a company already accredited by SRIJ, we have the security of having data encrypted and fair games at all times.

How to Bet on Betting Sites?

Online sports betting and casino games offer a multitude of possibilities for those who want to start playing online games. Registration is always the first step to start taking advantage of all the features of the pages. Usually this process is simplified, the customer only needs to enter some personal data.

After depositing money, customers are ready to start betting. In sports it is possible to start in the pre-game phase. Observe the best odds and give your guess about the result of a given championship. Without a doubt this will be the best way to start your cycle of matches.

Those who prefer the famous slots or other table games, will also need to register and send the registration form. After the first deposit the customer will be free to turn the rollers and hope for good results. Observe the requirements to know how to proceed with the withdrawal of bonuses and other benefits.

How do we test the bookmakers?

In general, bookmakers legalized in India must meet a series of prerequisites to receive operating guarantees. New casinos are carefully tested by our team so that you have a good online experience. We are always concerned with bringing and evaluating locations that have all the necessary requirements.

Sites must have an official registration and present the license number. Game suppliers must have mechanisms for generating random numbers for fair matches. Forms of payment and receipt must meet the needs of customers. Safe locations, with data encryption systems and efficient 24-hour service make the company have good evaluations.

Customers get a chance to get to know every detail, the pros and cons, of each site before registering. This meticulous work aims to become a source of information so that people have a new resource before accessing the bets.

What services are offered by online bookmakers?

In order to choose your best bookmaker it is necessary to first observe the services offered and if they fit your needs. It also depends on whether the search is for casinos or sports betting. The games can be in the same casino, but they are usually in separate sections to facilitate your access to the games.

In the casino area we can easily find many slots, as well as roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, dice, bingo and many other games. In most good houses we have the live modality, with games directed with a dealer and live broadcast in HD. This is an excellent facility for those who like to have the feeling of being in a real bookmaker.

For those who prefer sports, the markets are diverse, football is usually the flagship of these places, but we have championships for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and many other sports. Some companies also have the transmission feature of matches and this is certainly an excellent attraction for players. The markets are so diversified that some bring lottery results as a possibility of betting.

What are the advantages of licensed bookmakers?

Legal bookmakers in India are very advantageous and customers should keep in mind that although they find other places with higher bonus offers, only in legal places is there a certainty that this money will really be theirs. Security is the main factor in indicating legal locations, you will be sure that your money will be back in your account as soon as you request it.

In addition, when accessing a legalized India online casino you will find a specialized team that is willing to help you whenever you need it. The solution of demands in these places must be a priority for customers. In addition, these companies are highly supervised and subject to strict standards established by SRIJ.

Illegal houses are dangerous and there is no control by government agencies or any type of inspection. Always search for licensed places and preferably some of the sites selected by SRIJ.

Cash Out Bookmakers

Online bookmakers are always offering good opportunities for customers to spend more time betting. In addition to the welcome bonus, some special offers include the cash out system. This is a tool that allows customers to close the bet before the end of a game.

Not all companies offer this facility, but some legal sites in India bring the resource to customers. Cash out can generally be used for single and multiple bets. In addition, it is possible to select an automatic cash out, that is, to establish a base value for the end of bets. Look for the resource to have more control of the results in a match.

Bookmaker Payments

All trusted casino gaming companies offer payment methods with fast and secure transactions. One of the main means of deposit is through credit and debit cards of well-known brands such as Visa and Mastercard. A home bets without known means are poorly valued.

E-wallets are also gaining ground in the gaming world and this is increasing the supply of good e-wallet companies. This allows the customer to not expose bank details on these sites. Security is always in the spotlight when it comes to payment and receipt, customers want to make sure that information is kept confidential.

Payment methods known and well-evaluated by the public in India are present on trusted sites. See what is the most interesting way to make your deposit.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money at Online Bookmakers?

To deposit and withdraw from the houses betting companies are also offering very easily in operations. The deposit, made through known methods, can happen until instantaneously. Some other means, may require 1 to 3 days for the effectiveness of the operation. Here are the main methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • He hid
  • Paysafecard

In the case of withdrawals, it is important to observe the terms and conditions for withdrawal. Some locations state that withdrawal must have a maximum and minimum daily amount. So, see what establishes your betting site before requesting the money.

Not always the deposit medium is equal to the withdrawal, so if necessary, you should choose different methods.

What Are the Differences Between the Bookmakers?

Some differences between legal betting houses are minimal and basic. You can choose a website by design, bonuses and even by the games it offers. However you must first observe whether the page is regular, otherwise no advertised benefit will be assured.

Casino games and sports betting vie for bettors' preference. Some pages offer both, while others specialize in just one type of bet. The choice is personal and depends on what the customer is looking for.

The service and all the positive and negative points are exposed in several analyzes made by professionals in the casino industry. Read our review of your possible choices to make a more accurate decision. Our team is always looking for all the necessary information to make your casino experience the best it can be.

What Are the Advantages of Betting on Licensed Sites?

The best sites are always the ones that are fully regulated. Only in the legal gambling houses will customers have the proper service and be sure about deposits and withdrawals. In addition, licensed sites are regulated by agencies and subject to recurring audits. This process attests to the financial capacity that this company has to maintain the business.

Bet on pages with the following principles:

  • Reliability: reliable and secure pages are always the most suitable. Licensed sites have cutting-edge security technology.
  • Excellent service: Usually these companies are always improving and training the service team so that customers are always well received.
  • Guarantee of Good Games and Bonuses: obviously in a bookmaker one of the criteria is the choice of good games and bonuses that increase the balance and provide more hours online.

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