General Information About Legal Online Casinos in India

In a sector as competitive as betting, the different casinos online in India need to do everything possible to elevate their clients' experience. An authorized casino in the country needs to be approved and considered legal by a government agency created especially for this purpose. Electronic sites can be authorized for sports betting, casino gambling or both.

Online Casinos with License in India
Cellars100% up to € 300
Local India license
Bacanaplay100% up to € 100
Local India license
Casinoportugal.ptBonus 100 %
Local India license
Solverde Casinos2000 € Bonus
Local India license
Estoril Casino€250 Bonus
Local India license
Our Bet300 € Bonus
Local India license
888 Casino€ 1500 Bonus
Local India license
Pokerstars500 € Bonus
Local India license Casino50 € Bonus
Local India license
Luckia€ 1500 Bonus
Local India license
Local India license

The concessions offered for these sites to be considered regular have a term and the company acts in accordance with the established rules. Otherwise, this benefit established by the SRIJ (Game Regulation and Inspection Service) may be revoked. If you want to know more about the legal online casino in India read everything here in this special guide for players.

Why Should You Play at Legal Online Casinos in India?

  • Safe Environment: this is a great advantage of playing in a legal India online casino. You will make deposits and withdrawals without any worries, as well as entering personal data in the casinos knowing that all information is encrypted.
  • Convenience: you no longer need to leave the house to enjoy the best legal online casinos. Play wherever you are from your smartphone. Your legal online casino in India is certainly also adapted for mobile platforms.
  • Quality Games: to be a legal online casino, companies are submitted to an entity responsible for issuing gambling licenses and supervising operators. Providers need to be equipped with random number generators and all the necessary resources for fair bets.

How Licensed Online Casinos in India Differ from Illegal

A company that acts legal India casino must obey strict guidelines to continue operating. On the other hand, an unauthorized company does not have norms or rules to be obeyed. When making your deposit at an online casino without registration, there is no guarantee that you will receive your prizes, nor will you have anyone to turn to in case of any claim.

The opposite will happen in legal casinos, where you will have all the guarantees and services of extreme quality. For this reason, we always ask customers to be attentive to all indications that their India casino is legal. If in doubt, go to the SRIJ website and check out all the legal casinos in India.

What Bonus Can I Earn Playing at an Online Casino

  • Welcome Bonus: legal online casinos in India bring the welcome bonus to new customers. To receive it, just register and insert money. Usually the credit is 100% over the deposited amount. The money will be available for the game instantly.
  • No Deposit Bonus: if you want to play in authorized casinos you can get the bonus without deposit. Just register on the legal website to access the prize. That way you can get to know all the services of your authorized India online casino, without paying anything.
  • Reload Bonus: another common bonus in legal casinos in India is the reload and, as the name says, is offered when there is a payment. Customers of legal online casinos need to carefully observe the terms and conditions to know all the steps and guarantee the prizes.

Can I withdraw Bonuses from Legal Casinos in India?

At any legal online casino, customers need to make sure that they understand the terms and conditions for the games. That way, when you fulfill the necessary requirements, you will have your bonus. Prizes can be withdrawn from authorized online casinos in India using the methods you have previously selected.

India's customers are fully protected against false prizes or impossible withdrawal conditions. Every legal casino in India is authorized to operate, but in return it must offer a clean gaming environment and comply with the terms requested by the Games Inspection Regulation Service.

Legal Physical Casinos in India

India is one of the places where it is possible to place bets on legal casino physical units. Therefore, many people wonder if even with the legal gambling India, the casinos also pass the inspection of the Government of that country. We can say that some of the best and most reputable casinos in Europe are concentrated in the gaming areas in India.

  • Figueira Casino
  • Madeira Casino
  • Casino of Póvoa
  • Trojan Casino
  • Monte Gordo Casino
  • Vilamoura Casino
  • Casino Espinho
  • Estoril Casino
  • Hotel Algarve Casino
  • Hotel Casino Chaves

These are the physical units of India legal casino and which are subject to the country's legal regime. Knowing that the right to exploit the games is a concession of the State, each legal India casino must provide services according to criteria that include reliability and security.

Other Online Casinos Available in India

In addition to boasting the best physical casinos, the Indian still have the possibility to take advantage of excellent legal online casinos in India. Each year new casinos are included. Just to give you an idea, in the year 2020 there were 4 game pages included among those regulated in India. See below the list with each authorized India online casino and find out if yours is part of the legal companies.

  • Betclic
  • Estoril Sun
  • Pokerstars
  • Casino India
  • Casino Solverde
  • Our Bet
  • Placard
  • Luckia
  • 888
  • Betano
  • Moosh
  • Betway
  • Bidluck

Now that you know all the legal online casinos in India you already have the chance to access any of these pages for fun. These are top-notch games, all the main types of betting are available, in addition to the extremely high quality services that will be necessary for you to have all the comfort and safety.

How to Find Reliable Online Casinos?

The best way to find a legal India online casino is to observe all the content regarding the concessions on the Games Regulation and Inspection Service website. As it is, the entity responsible for the permissions is no better than knowing which companies are qualified.

Another way to recognize trusted sites is by reading reviews and experiences at companies. Often, some sites specializing in online casinos will be very helpful in getting you relevant information about the reputation of each page.

Specialized forums on the subject are also full of punters willing to share information and experiences in each legal India online casino. If you have any questions, you need to get enough information to choose the best options in this very competitive market.

Online Casinos and Tournaments

Not all pages have tournaments, so you should look for legal online casinos with this option. For example, Pokerstars is known worldwide for the quality and quantity of versions of the poker game and especially for the very disputed tournaments. You will also find other sites with tournaments from other games, including slots as at Betclic.

Some competitions are repeated regularly and can be accessed daily, weekly or monthly. The prizes are usually high and that is enough to make you feel attracted by the chance to participate in the games.

Some legal online casinos in India offer free entry to tournaments, but it is generally necessary to make a payment to enter, known as a buy-in.

Payment Methods and Support at a Legal Casino in India Online

At authorized online casinos in India you will have the opportunity to make deposits faster and safer. There is no better feeling for a bettor than keeping all personal and bank account details confidential, betting without fear of having this information stolen by hackers is part of an enjoyable betting experience.

The forms of payment and receipt at legal casinos in India are all reliable and some methods are really used in that country, the information is encrypted and any more complicated situation you will have easy access to a qualified service team to solve any demand.

The customer service of online casinos India is efficient and the service channels are varied so that all problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

Legal Online Casinos in India - Mobile Platform

One of the great advantages of using licensed online casinos in India is that in addition to security, you will have the chance to enjoy great casino games right from your phone. Bets on smartphones or tablets allow customers to access game page content wherever they are. This facility brings even more people to the betting world.

In addition to all these advantages you can be sure that the quality of the games remains the same. Most of them are adapted to all screen sizes, so you will have a large collection available to choose from. If you want to know which online casino to choose, check the pages of legal casinos in India to have the best games of today and take advantage, therefore, all companies can be accessed from your mobile phone.

Technical Support at an Authorized India Online Casino

The gaming inspection service present in the country ensures that each customer has adequate support. There is no doubt that poor service is a major inconvenience for customers. This is reflected in the recurring complaints made by dissatisfied players on various pages for complaints about services.

We will always recommend a legal online casino, because in addition to offering the best games, it also brings quality services to gamblers. As the pages are being assisted by SRIJ, you will have someone to turn to in case of persistent problems.

The service channels usually operate on a seven-day, 24-hour system. There will not always be someone in the chat, but you will certainly get some response quickly if you send an email or call the number indicated. The frequently asked questions area usually provides many answers to the demands on the websites.

Taxes in Legal Casinos in India

All legal pages are subject to a tax regime with pre-established tax payments. The amounts collected from these companies are applied in different sectors of the State that should benefit the population itself. There is no fee or tax to be paid to the player, the entire amount referring to taxes is collected at the casino.

A constant complaint on the gaming pages is regarding the amounts charged by the government. Taxes are very high and this makes it difficult for licensed companies to survive. Much less is paid when accessing illegal pages, as these websites do not pay taxes.

Frequently asked questions about legal casinos

📌 Which licensed online casinos in India can I play in?
So far there are 13 licensed companies in the country where it is possible to place bets safely: Betclic,, Estoril Sol, Pokerstars, Casino India, Casino Solverde, Nossa Aposta,, Luckia, 888 Casino, Betano, Moosh and Betway. They are reliable and meet the strict standards required by the country's government.
📌 Can I play online casino games on my mobile device?
Most casino games are available for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. More and more people use mobile devices to access the casino's homepage or even a company app. This has been making it very easy for users, especially those who like practicality.
📌 How do I withdraw my money at a Indian online casino?
Most casinos offer different payment and withdrawal methods. Usually, customers use the same method for both operations. First click on the withdrawal icon and then just follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the money to fall into your account. In some methods the fastest transactions, while others may take a few days, all of this information is displayed on the betting sites.
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