Blackjack Bonanza

Real money

Learn to play Blackjack Bonanza Slot

For blackjack and slot fans Microgaming brought the solution: Blackjack Bonanza Slot. You will enjoy the perfect combination of the two games, all produced by one of the best rated companies on the market. Even if you don't like classic slots, you should try this incredible game that is also very profitable.

The fact of having only one payline makes the game very competitive and very simple. Although it doesn't have graphics as exuberant as other games, blackjack bonanza slot fulfills its mission of entertaining.

How to Play Bonanza Blackjack

The slot created by online gaming leader Microgaming, deserves to be appreciated by users who like simple games and traditional slots. Your budget certainly fits into Bonanza and the values range from $ 0.25 to $ 15.00. So start the game by adjusting the amount of coins to be used.

Although this is a classic slot, this does not mean that microgaming has not used special symbols and resources. In addition, automatic playback can be triggered whenever necessary.

Special Resources

  • Wild: jack of spades is the wild symbol and the one that best pays the user. The value can reach 4000 credits when the 3 jacks land on the payline in the blackjack bonanza slot. However, it is possible to win 1000 coins if the maximum number of credits is wagered and the 3 jacks appear anywhere on the reels.
  • Seven: when 3 symbols of the number 7 appear on the bonanza blackjack rolls, the stake will be multiplied by x300 and thus you will have the second best possible result in the game.
  • Bar: with 3 bars on a payline you will have an x150 multiplier to improve your result. However if the line has 2 bars this multiplier goes to x60. But if the result is one bar on each reel on the payline, the multiplier is x30. Any bar on the payline will give you a return of x6.

With blackjack bonanza playing in a slot becomes a simple task and you should definitely have that experience. This can be the perfect choice for those looking for easier games, especially for beginners.