Cash Spin

Real money

That slot it is well known in land based casinos, but has gained space in the oline casino. Cash Spin was very successful at the bookmakers in Vegas, making the provider company Bally a good option for Pt. Bettors. Cashspin has the traditional 5 reels, 3 lines and an amazing 243 ways to win. It has bonuses and some very lucrative symbols.

Customers will play in a slot that refers to the old machines. In our review we will highlight the pros and cons when placing bets with ols cashspin slot. We know that bonuses bring very good gameplay and it shows that a traditional machine can contain some very modern features in Cash Spin slot India casinos.

Cash Spin Slot Features and Symbols

  • Bonus Wheel U-Spin: Cash Spin Slot Bonus U-Spin happens when 3 special symbols stop in rollers 1, 3 and 5. Tap to rotate the wheel and if the arrow stops in a value, the amount will be deposited in your balance. If you stop in free games, you will be presented with free rounds, the result will be multiplied by 2.
  • Free Games Bonus: in Cash Spin slot bonuses, when you have your U-spin result with free games, you will win 12 freespins whose results will be multiplied by 2. The function ends when there are no free spins or when the customer hits the number maximum spins which is 60.
  • Money Bag: when 3 money bag symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 the function starts. 3 options with moneybag figures will appear on the screen. Choose one and see the amount that will be added to your balance in Cash Spin slot Pt. The money bag symbol ranges from 3 to 50 times the stake.

How to Play Cash Spin Slot

No Cash Spin slot machine playing becomes much more interesting when we have 243 ways to win. You must first set up the credit amount and press the “Save and Rotate” button to start the games. 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 automatic spins can also be configured.

Check out the good reasons to trigger the rolls on our Cash Spin Slot review, there are many special features and good graphics. The RTP is 94%, considered a little below the other options in the game industry, however, this is one of the most popular and famous game of physical casinos.

This is a game available in mobile casinos, although it does not have high quality graphics, the special features and free spins will raise the bar and turn your bets into fun gold.