Gemix Slot

Real money

Customers who like to spend a lot of time with online casino games of smartphones will quickly identify similarities in Gemix Slot. You will have many similar games, but none of them will give you as much profit as this. Play’n Go is one of the biggest providers and brings a differentiated slot, with a 7 × 7 grid.

However, we cannot say that just having 7 × 7 is a different option, but victories are. You will have to stack 5 gems laterally, they disappear giving way to new stones that descend on the screen like a waterfall. Meanwhile, the stones that were below those that disappeared move downward, creating combinations. See below for more details on this slot that promises a lot of fun and entertainment.

Gemix Slot Resources and Symbols

  • Levels: this is a different slot, very similar to the game Candy Chush, a hit on smartphones. The slot is based on levels so each time winning combinations appear on the screen you will level up. There are three worlds that you must travel to and in each world there are three levels. Each also has its wild symbol.
  • Cristal Charge: A series of bonus resources can be activated when you collect 20 or more stones in a round. Keep an eye on the ball that is in the right corner of the screen, there are load levels that are filled as the game advances.
  • Blast Charge: in this resource a selected gem will destroy adjacent symbols.
  • Crystal Warp: Crystal will choose the symbols at random and the corresponding ones then transformed into other symbols. When there is this transformation it is possible that the crystals can combine, that way you will have more victories.
  • Chain Lightning: A radius is released from one of the corners of the panel, changing all the symbols on its path.

How to Play Gemix Slot

As with any other slot, you must adjust your bets. On the panel there is the option of quick bet, to facilitate the progress of this process. After adjusting the values it is time to start the game. But when you press the Spin button, you will have another surprise, as you will not see rolls spinning, but crystals falling in waterfall across the panel.

Observe the loading panel on the side above the Spin, when it is filled you will be entitled to a type of bonus. Certainly any of them will be advantageous and this will facilitate the appearance of winning combinations. The pattern is also set on the panel for you to reach the next level.

The Gemix slot appeared at a time when similar games won over the public. It also manages to keep the user involved in several ways, whether through recurring bonuses or the created need to complete a stage. The game has already conquered many people and for this reason it is a success in the betting market.