Premium European Roulette

Real money

Premium European Roulette is a betting game with fixed odds and based on the 3D version. THE casino roulette it has 37 slots ranging from number 0 to 36 and you can choose any one of them. The wheel rotates in one direction, while the ball goes in the opposite direction until the ball falls into one of these Slots. The emotion of that moment is always something indescribable.

The different values of the chips can be selected and will appear on the screen. You will also have the chance to place the different bets, just like in physical roulette. Everything was carefully created by Playtech to further increase the gameplay of the game. So go to the free option to understand how these matches work.

Resources and Symbols of Premium European Roulette

  • RTP: this is an acronym for Return To Player and it indicates how profitable the game can be. The games that pay more have a high return value. In the case of European Roulette, RTP exceeds 97%, an excellent rate for a game of this magnitude.
  • Customization: another facility that we find in this roulette is the possibility to customize some data and information. Choose the standard or split view to better observe the game, change the color of the table, see the statistics and much more.
  • Play for free: One of the main reasons for many counterpoints to avoid roulette is the ignorance of the rules. To avoid this the company offers the free game, a chance for both customers who wish to make paid bets.

How to Play Premium European Roulette

Click on the desired chip value and then click on the number, or on the numbers you would like to bet on. The chosen numbers are highlighted in white until you release the mouse. There are many different types of roulette play including multiple numbers with just one chip. And you can find all these types on our website with the best casinos online.

Você poderá fazer tantas apostas diferentes dos valores que quiser em cada jogo, desde que os ganhos potenciais das apostas não excedam o pagamento máximo de um único jogo. Clique no botão “DOUBLE” para dobrar as apostas, “UNDO” para remover a última aposta feita, “CLEAR BETS” para remover todas a supostas feitas na mesa. “DOUBLE & SPIN” fará você dobrar a aposta e girar a roda”, enquanto “REBET & SPIN” para fazer as mesmas apostas do jogo anterior e começar outra partida.

For those who like a lot of practicality the Autoplay button is available and whoever wants to can make several games in a row with the same bet automatically. There is no doubt that this is a differentiated game and very well produced. All necessary and existing commands in real bets are present making Premium European Roulette bets a satisfying and close to reality experience. Take the opportunity and don't let yourself have a good game by strategically placing your chips on the roulette table.